Tuesday 5 July 2011

Farewell Gael - Thanks for the eight years.

After eight years, Gael Clichy has moved on and has joined Manchester City.

It’s a bit of a strange one because most of the concerns is on the future of Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri however; Gael Clichy has been a loyal player for the club.

I think it is fair to say he turned a bit stale in the last few years (some blame the team’s form, some blame Arshavin playing in front of him and some just think his on the decline) but he has still been a player who to me, looked like he gave 100% every time he played for the Arsenal.

I know he was apart of the Invincible squad however, he played second choice to Ashley Cole but regardless has won a championship medal.

I wish him all the luck in the world….JUST NOT AGAINST THE ARSENAL and hope he plays well but City don’t win much!

Up the Arsenal !

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