Thursday, 8 March 2012

Proud; Very Proud

So close yet so far.

We nearly did the impossible and I think everyone went away from the Emirates extremely proud of our boys and manager the other night.

The players have given their all in the last three games and perhaps just lost their legs a bit in the second half against Milan; but the way they fought was a credit to the club and they played for the shirt.

The manager must take credit for the last three games too. Against Spurs, he played Yossi and kept Theo on when he could have easily used Chamberlain from the start (rather then Yossi) or as a sub for Theo but the Yossi and Theo (second half) had outstanding games. Against Milan, he went for it (perhaps he did not have much choice with the players out injured); many thought Theo may play more upfront but Chamberlain was chosen to play in the centre of midfield and he was simply brilliant. What a player he can become and what a coup it was for Arsenal to get him in this summer.

Lets keep this going by beating Newcastle at home on monday.

Up the Arsenal!

Monday, 5 March 2012

Arsenal Beat Spurs And Liverpool? Your Having A Laugh

As most people were aware, I was given the chance to be on Sky Sports Soccer Saturday a week and a half ago.

One line, that I said was not shown on the programme was about how Arsenal CAN beat Spurs and Liverpool and even push for third position in the league. At the time, it looked far away. At the time, we had just got back from Milan and Sunderland and we were fearing that losing the two games would mean the end of the road in terms of getting fourth place.

Fast forward a week and a half and people are actually talking about the impossible being...well maybe possible tomorrow night against Milan.

Its amazing how quickly things change in football.

Do I think we can beat AC Milan tomorrow? Off course I do. Will we do enough to go through? I have no idea; but I would like to see the 11 lads on the pitch give it their best damn shot.

If we do it, then great, If we do not but put in a performance then I think we can all be proud.

Once again, its amazing how quickly things change in football.
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