Monday 3 November 2014

Arsene Wenger's Jacket

Let's face it, you are looking elsewhere, try to zip your jacket up and it gets stuck - I mean that is natural.

It may happen once, or maybe twice or at worst, three times - UNLESS you are Arsene Wenger.

Every man and their dog has had a laugh at Arsene Wenger's jacket.

It started when the TV camera's got wind of it and the jokes began.  Even Ivan Gazidis had a laugh about it at one of his question and answer sessions with supporters.

Club legends have all had a laugh and so have us, the fans. Many of which have gone to the club shop, just to try the jacket and take a photo.

...and now Arsene Wenger himself has got involved and has seen the funny side.

Long live Arsene Wenger's jacket!

See the new Puma advert here

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