Thursday 17 March 2011

Horrible, Horrible Few Weeks...

Let’s be honest, the last two weeks have HURT! Make no mistake about that.

We’ve gone from “Arshavinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn” in the first leg against Barcelona, to the cup final in Wembley, to Sunderland at home, to the Camp Nou, to Old Trafford; it’s been a very painful journey.

It did feel like the end of the world on Saturday, seeing us go out of another competition and seeing Johan Djourou’s season ending.

People say it always feels better in the morning but Sunday morning was no different to Saturday night, though Monday morning was slightly different.

I don’t know if we are going to win the league but what I do know is we are still in the title race and are in a good position.

I took a few days away from football (because of recent results and also coming back from Manchester with a bit of a cough) and thought I would just re-think things.

I’ve come to the conclusion that without Johan in the side and playing with two centre backs in their first full season at Arsenal, we will inevitably concede goals. The two were outstanding away to Sunderland and hopefully that sort of fight will return but you cannot help thinking we will concede goals purely because it’s their first ever season in the Premier League.

With that being said, I always feel Arsenal have enough to outscore opponents. After the international break, Cesc and Theo should be back to join Robin, Sammy, Jack etc and offensively at least, we are not missing anyone. Alex Song too is a must; we need him back and with Johan out, Song’s presence is even more vital.

The WBA game comes before the international break, so if we can scrounge out a win, we have a bit of time to get the likes of Cesc, Theo and Song fit. WBA is a huge game and after the past two weeks, nothing but a win will do.

Aaron Ramsey may have a part to play too; he looked bright at Old Trafford and has had some good time on the pitch on loan since his injury. Rambo is undoubetdly a massive part of Arsenal’s future but I think he may play a part this season and be a bit of a surprise.

If Arsenal are to win the league, some players need to step up. Some players may even be playing for their futures. I will not name names but everyone has their own opinion on who should perhaps go at the end of the season or those who just need to work harder.

At a time when ticket prices may continue to increase, player’s wages will be highlighted and therefore players who do not give 100% will not be given much sympathy. The players in the squad MUST show real desire if Arsenal are to win the league and can take a leaf out of the Jack Wilshere book. Every time he puts a foot on a football pitch, he plays with such heart and commitment, that’s what everyone needs to look at.

As a supporter, I feel I have my part to play and that’s to keep supporting my team, I will not talk for anyone else because its not right for other supporters to talk for fellow supporters and at such a emotional time, for me, the best way to channel my emotion and even frustration is by going to WBA on Saturday and singing my F****** heart out!!

Yes, if you asked me on Saturday or Sunday or even Monday if Arsenal can win the league, I may have given you a negative answer, but that’s why I waited a few days till writing this blog….you ask me now? And I’ll tell you that Arsenal CAN win the league – it’s ten cup finals and if we give 100% in ALL ten games, Arsenal CAN win the league.

See you at WBA.

COME ON YOU F****** GOONERS!!!!!!!


  1. i think in absence of theo and cesc we should revert back to 4-4-2

    and if we stick to 4-3-3 then sammy should come back in the middle to give us more creativity......

  2. I think a 4 4 2 may be tough as we have been playing with a 4 3 3 all season.

    Away from home specially. But i do agree, Nasri MUST play in middle. Id play Bendtner on right if fit with RvP up top off course.

  3. We just need to start scoring first in games. Blitz them from the off, just like we did at Newcastle...but without the second-half collapse. If we win at West Brom, it'll be a big lift going into the international break.

  4. Agree with you there. A win will mean going into the international break with some confidence.

    Scoring first would calm us down, when we go down, sometimes you just cant see us coming back! in big games, like man utd, spurs, even stoke away, liverpool and villa at home we need to score first


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