Tuesday 22 March 2011

Where To Go From Here...

Our last proper victory was Barcelona at home (no disrespect to Orient because they were fantastic but are not a Premiership or Champions League side) therefore, it’s been quite a wait.

The WBA game was rather strange. The first half was totally different to the second half (the last 20 minutes anyway). We saw two things we have not seen in a while – firstly we made a half time substitution (Chamakh for Denilson), and secondly we played closer to a 4-4-2.

The last 20 minutes was quite positive, where we came back from the dead and looked closer to winning it rather then losing it and that did show some character.

However, the first 70 minutes or so is the most concerning because in all honestly, we were awful. In my last blog I talked about certain players needing to step up and that is still the case. We lost ground on Saturday however; there are still nine games to play. Our away record is still pretty good this year and we have five away games left and MUST win those (well most of them, depending on results elsewhere).

As I said in my last post, I don’t know if we are going to win the league and I would certainly make Manchester United favourites. They still have to play Chelsea BUT we still have to play them and Liverpool at home AND have to go to Stoke and Bolton, which have not always been happy hunting grounds for us.

I’ve been told there have been many debates on twitter about our football club and many opinions have been expressed. Everyone is very passionate about football and therefore everyone is entitled to their opinion. People deal with passion differently and some people like to argue it out, some people just like to talk about it and some people would rather keep themselves to themselves and go with the flow.

As much as I love the debates on twitter, I will be keeping out of it because that is my way. I do hope come match day (which seems AGES away) everyone is re-united and gets behind the team.

Prices of season and match-day tickets have been highlighted too. Match days do cost A LOT! Match day tickets whether it’s a season ticket in club level or a red membership cost a lot and along with transport, a pre-match pint (or 6), a burger and chips, program etc shows it really does add up. If prices are to continue going up, everyone has the right to complain because we are in a recession where people are losing their jobs and money is hard to come by. Like many, Arsenal gives me an escape from the world and match days are when I tend not to answer my phone and just block everything out because there’s nothing more special then going to watch the Arsenal (or whatever club you support).

The prices I (we) pay is the reason why I am not ready to give up on the season. Call me arrogant but I am not paying all this money to go to the remaining games to think the title race is over and I will have that ‘hope’ that Arsenal pull it off…..after all, what else can I do.

Enjoy the international break, let’s hope our players come back without injury and all our countries win (unless we are playing each other!....Wilshere VS Ramsey……what a prospect!). Also, enjoy the Arsenal-less time, I certainly plan too!

As always…Come on you Arsenal!


  1. Well said Akhil. We all have our opinions, but the one we should all hold is that we need to stick together and get fully behind the team. Sadly, I think some of our supporters are happy to see us fail so that they can be proven right.

  2. Thanks as always buddy.

    Havent thought about your second point but now uve said it, i think you may be right....I'm not sure really...but i did see that point of view soon as i read your comment.

    The summer is prob the best time to argue and debate issues like transfers etc i guess.

  3. Just noticed i made a howler!

    Barcelona was not the last proper win....we beat Stoke at home on the 23rd Feb too!


  4. Thoroughly agree with your point about the whole subject. Think football is a great sport because of it. I have to say however, that the policy of ticket prices is purely simple economics. from a business point of view, the powers that be know arsenal supporters are passionate and that they will be willing to pay to watch their beloved. its the only way if they wish to achieve maximising profits. altho arsenal are a handful of clubs recording a profit, its best practice to continue with this trend with increased wage demands and the new financial regulations of champions league qualifications over the coming seasons. price hikes are inevitable and i begrudgingly part with my cash. but who are we to question simple supply and demand...

  5. I just think the club can look into other ways of doing it. Many teams do tours abroad, specially America where as, Arsenal do not. I agree that travel time etc just waste time and the preperation of the team is most important however, it hasnt done man utd or chelsea any harm.

    Sometimes the club need to comprimise and not the supporters. We already pay alot.

    For supporters who go to away games, its even more, some of the prices i paid this year for some away games was unreal plus transport etc. Parting with cash is always a choice for an individual however, for people that have children to support, a house to pay for etc, it can get too much.

    I am not in that situation yet,but it would kill me if i couldnt afford to go watch arsenal home and away. really would.

    thanks for comments


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