Saturday 13 August 2011

A new season and a new optimism… or not

When asked on where Arsenal will finish at the start of every season I always say ‘1st’; till now that is.

I would probably take 4th place now if I could however, that could change if we add to our squad by the end of the window.

Cesc Fabregas is itching ever closer to the move he has been wanting (if the Arsenal e-mail system magically starts working again!) and Samir Nasri could be off to double his money at Manchester City.

With Cesc, I think most Arsenal supporters understand why he wants to return and even though the last month or two has turned a bit ugly, I prefer to blame Barcelona; I am biased after all!

With Samir Nasri, my feeling is very different. With Cesc going, Samir would be the main man. He would play in the centre and have the team practically built around him. Or he could go and earn 180k a week and be second choice behind David Silva (who in my opinion is much more established at the moment) at Manchester City. Off course Nasri may over take players that play in his position at Man City and be first choice but at Arsenal he is guaranteed being the main man where as, at Man City, with all the money they have spent, it may not that easy; Just ask a certain Manu Adebayor.

I wish we had sold Nasri earlier in the summer and bought Juan Mata, hopefully that is still possible and we have not completely missed the boat.

A centre back is needed and that goes without saying and I still think we will get one before the transfer window closes on September 1st.

As for the season ahead, August seems vital both on and off the pitch. The tricky start with an incomplete squad will be a huge challenge but if Arsenal can pull it off (qualify for the Champions League and get perhaps two wins and a draw or even one win and two draws or two wins with one loss!) and add to the squad, then maybe the optimism will return.

Time will tell.

To Newcastle we go. UP THE ARSENAL!

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