Wednesday 24 August 2011

What is going on?!

‘If you sell Fabregas and Nasri, you cannot pretend you’re a big club’

Well yes I guess that is true HOWEVER, surely making the world think that the club had no intention in selling both players was just a way of getting £24m for a player on his last year of a contract.

OR did Arsene Wenger genuinely believe keeping Nasri was a better option and the decision was perhaps taken out of his hands?

From personal experiences, I have never quite taken things as black or white in press conferences and with the comments about Cesc or Nasri leaving my first reaction was that the club think Nasri can be persuaded to stay but then maybe it was all about making Manchester City believe Arsenal were prepared to take a risk with Nasri in order to get the best possible price.

Lets be honest, £24m is a good price for a player on the last year of his contract.

As for Nasri, he was a real fans favourite and anyone that knows me or came to games with me last season will know how much I enjoyed singing his song! The memory of him walking of the St Andrews pitch with 3,000 of us jumping, dancing and signing his name will stay with me for a while, but while it was a happy memory then, it is now a memory of much regret.

On Saturday, Nasri was given a good applause by the Arsenal supporters in the ground and that for me showed the class of the supporters. I myself thought I would not have the heart to applause him but he won me around. But now I think about it, Arsenal paid his bloody wages all summer, the least he can do is play a game here and there! It was almost like he was doing us a favour; well he wasn’t. If you tell your boss you will not do any work but still want to be paid, I can only imagine what most bosses reaction would be.

As for the boss and the club in general, your guess is as good as mine in terms of what is going on!

I do notice people are very quick to put all the blame on Arsene Wenger and maybe he deserves the blame but how the board get away with stick amazes me.

After promising us an active summer when talking to the AST but then jetting off on holiday while other clubs did their business early or Liam Brady recently saying that the board are not giving the thumbs up to a higher wage structure must also raise questions.

Before anything, the game tonight is vital. Qualification to the group stages of the Champions League is huge and failure is not an option.

Come on you Arsenal !


  1. you right, how does the board get away with it? i really do believe they are a big part of the problem. i lso believe we are not being told the whole truth about the money available coz it does not make sense that up to now no experienced players have been bought when its glaringly obvious that's what we need. if its there then why leave it so late? so many questions need answering from both Arsene and the board but i wont hold my breath. let's just hope we go through tonite. #upthearsenal

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  3. I agree Sam, a few words from the owner would not go a miss either!


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