Monday 5 March 2012

Arsenal Beat Spurs And Liverpool? Your Having A Laugh

As most people were aware, I was given the chance to be on Sky Sports Soccer Saturday a week and a half ago.

One line, that I said was not shown on the programme was about how Arsenal CAN beat Spurs and Liverpool and even push for third position in the league. At the time, it looked far away. At the time, we had just got back from Milan and Sunderland and we were fearing that losing the two games would mean the end of the road in terms of getting fourth place.

Fast forward a week and a half and people are actually talking about the impossible being...well maybe possible tomorrow night against Milan.

Its amazing how quickly things change in football.

Do I think we can beat AC Milan tomorrow? Off course I do. Will we do enough to go through? I have no idea; but I would like to see the 11 lads on the pitch give it their best damn shot.

If we do it, then great, If we do not but put in a performance then I think we can all be proud.

Once again, its amazing how quickly things change in football.


  1. that's why i've always thought the manager and the team should be judged at the end of the season coz anything can happen. last night i heard a group of journos predicting arsenal to finish 3rd and yet the same group put us out of the top four at the beginning of the season. look at how two games can change the outlook of a club, let alone 11. with the experience we have in run-ins for top four i'm sure the spuds will crumble and 3rd place will be ours to give us a sound platform to build on for next season and really push for a trophy. as for tomorrow, all i want is a good win, playing good football to keep the momentum for third going. however, like RVP said, impossible is nothing and if we do go through....

  2. Great victory at Anfield...Could be a season changing victory...Just hope we can add a few more new faces to support Van P.

  3. Well said Sam. I really believe we can get 3rd place too.

    Nayan, I think we will but must keep RvP


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