Monday 9 July 2012

A Disrespectful Statement? I Thought You Loved This Club Robin?

Let’s be honest, deep down, we knew he was off.  I wanted to believe he would be convinced to stay but it seems like his mind was made up by the time he sat down with Arsenal…

Van Persie @ PFA Awards – he made no eye contact at any cameras; he stuttered his words when giving his acceptance speech and paying tribute to his team mates (the same ones who are now not good enough to win trophies). He ended by saying he will speak to Mr Wenger about “two things and it’s nothing special” – what ever that means!

Van Persie @ PFA Writers Awards – “Arsenal is an unbelievable club. I am the player I am today because of them. I’ll set a date to see the boss and Ivan Gazidis. We haven't set a date but we will be having a meeting about my future and lots of other things.” And when asked on new signing Podolski he said he was a ‘great signing’ – oh how that has changed!

Van Persie at West Brom Away –‘I love this club. Whatever happens that will never change," Yeah we know why you said that now!

I am all for showing ambition and direction, and buying star names may mean a better chance of silverware; so let’s go and buy Wesley Sneijder and Arjen Robben and win the league. Would you like that Robin?

I would have thought the Euro’s showed Robin that having big names does not guarantee anything. Watching Robin and Holland this summer made me appreciate the team morale and spirit at our club because last season was as good as I have ever seen it in a long while. I thought Robin would have appreciated that too.

Now to that statement; that stupid statement. If a good player wants to increase his chances of winning silverware, that’s fair enough. I accepted Cesc and Samir going even though I did not like it! I have never given Samir Nasri any credit but at least he kept his mouth shut and let Arsenal get the best possible price for him.  Robin, on the other hand, has decreased his value and Arsenal’s bargaining power completely by releasing such a stupid statement. For someone who proclaims to love the club and have ‘great respect’ for Mr Wenger, he has a funny way of showing it.  He has criticised his team mates by hinting they are not good enough and clearly does not think much of Podolski or Giroud by slamming the ambition of the club.

For me, it’s all about getting rid of him as soon as possible before he starts being a disruptive influence. Remaining as captain and gaining the respect of his team mates will now be an impossible task.

In Robin, we lose an amazing player and one who was brilliant last season, but let’s not forget the other six and a half. I find the statement even more baffling because of the way Mr Wenger and the club stood by him during his darker days (i.e. injuries, getting arrested, low moments with the national team etc). The manager has made many mistakes, like all managers do, but the faith he has and belief he has over his players and the way he stands by them is one of his best assets, and Robin has thrown it back in his face.

I will never forget Chelsea and Liverpool away this season and Robin made it happen and for that I am grateful but for all the respect I showed him, I expected some back.

Enjoy your life Robin because in my opinion, you have burnt your bridges here.



  1. I really really believed club mean a bit more to him. Now he sound as cheated wife.
    But I wont agree with you, he has to see his contract out, no one, no one can blackmail club. If Tevez could, Robin ca to, either way we wont be able to get some serious money thanks to his "update for the fans". So lets keep him as replacement for Chamakh.

  2. Fair enough but what if he starts being disruptive? starts talking to players and all that work on morale that was done last year is undone?

  3. I really believe he cant influence other players once season starts. He is still professional and need some time to play to keep shape and to keep potential buyers interested. So then there is blackmail goes in both directions.
    Ramsey reaction was great and I believe whole team will treat it that way "not our business".

    And when you really analyze this, RvP lost more than we in any case. He may win medal if he leave, probably as I already said somewhere else like Reina in EC and WC. But was it really thing he want? He may win it, but he lost his place on Emirates walls with Rocky, Bergkamp, Henry and others... what in my eyes worth much more than medal ambition.

  4. Arrested?! When was this?!

  5. It could go one of two ways I guess Ninootje, he may be professional but then again he may not. If we can sell and replace with rather to that.

  6. Gooner-Dan, in the summer of 2005 remember?

  7. this article echoes my thoughts 100%. i never thought i'd dislike anyone more than Adebayore and Na$ri but RVP has shocked me. even though i wanted him to stay i had a feeling he was going but that stupid statement he put out, if he doesn't regret it by now i've lost faith in humanity. there was no need at all and to disrespect the club and Wenger like that is unforgivable. he can stay and even score the winner against the spuds and i still would not forgive him. he should not even train with the squad, he should go NOW. We are THE ARSENAL, bigger than one man.

  8. I guess... he will later come out... saying that the statements written on his behalf were done by his agents and reps... and not him...... he thought... gunners will nod with him in blaming the club and the board... while we certainly don't agree with all the decisions made on board level.... but chastising the club and the board so publicly... is just shame.. he bottled it up... I think its a decision Gazidiz and specially Arsene has to make;..

  9. I think it's the club who have let him / us down. Not him letting us down. He's hardly going to take his PFA award and go on a rant against the club is he? He's a world class player wanting to win trophies in the twilight of his career. 7 years says he won't do that at Arsenal. We've a young lad in goal. An injury prone defence. Average midfielders (where we're now pinning our hopes on a 19 year old who has had a year off and may never come back). Aside from him upfront we are shocking. I hate to say it but I really can't blame him...

  10. I think you have missed the Point David, I appreciate ALL what you said but does that mean his allowed to make a stupid statement that criticises his manager and club and tries to play the fans?

    1. Even if all what David said is true, though hardly "average midfielder" suit to Song or Arteta, as captain of club van Persie was supposed to think of clubs interests too and supporters emotions and dignity, and protect them. As far as I understand math, his statement directly get in conflict with all things I mentioned (and also with all what he mentioned in statement about loyalty and respect and bla bla) .


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