Wednesday 21 September 2011

If You Think Its Time For Mr Wenger To Go Then Fine But Please No Abuse

Some want him to go and some want him to stay; I have no problem with opinions and views but when any abuse starts, I am out of there (not literally but out of the conversation).

Having been to Old Trafford and Blackburn (away) this season, I have heard the arguments on why Mr Wenger should go and most have been logical but a few then go over board by attacking our most successful manager personally.

The home support is slightly different and overall seems to be undecided on Mr Wenger.

I know football is passionate and when alcohol is involved the passion only increases but to abuse or take the micky out of a man who has won three tittles plus FA Cups is unfair in my opinion.

The man has given me the privilege of watching the lights of Henry and Fabregas along with trophies and finals in every competition we could be in.

Joe Mardon (@thearsenal_) who writes for the Gooner last night talked about how Mr Wenger build the 'modern Arsenal' and he is spot on he went on to say "What ever happens Arsene Wenger is still Arsene Wenger and deserve to be treated as such".

You may think its time for him to go because it has been six or so years since a trophy and the squad does not look as strong as it has in the past so there is an argument and I will not de-value anyone that thinks it is time to move on but I just think there is a way of putting the argument across.

But please, no abuse. I think he deserves some respect.


  1. Respect has to be earned AND with all the ridiculous comments that he keeps making AND then ending up with egg over his face...the question is does he respect Arsenal FC enough to keep his trap shut (stop making comments about world finance, football finance etc) and concentrate on what he is being paid handsomely for and that is the teams performance on the pitch. Till then, he deserves everything that comes his way because it is of HIS own making!!

  2. okay lets all forget the titles and cups and good moments then shall we?

  3. Akhil from Hounslow: 'okay lets all forget the titles and cups and good moments then shall we?'

    Sorry mate, thats all in the past! He's not getting paid £6m+ per year for what he did back then, Its about what he is doing NOW! Its because of what he did in the past, that he has had a grace period 6+ years (which I dont think is deserved) BUT he needs to show that he is taking things forward NOW, AND there has been NO evidence of this for the last 6 years. I know you and I are 'just' supporters BUT when you get our best players leaving year after year (and even the crap ones like Bendtner,Clichy, Denilison etc) wanting to leave...THERE IS DEFINETLY SOMETHING WRONG!

    I mean do have some sympathey for some of the poor players that we have and had, BUT, THEY are not the ones who buy themselves, pick themselves to play, have wages increased when they have delivered zilch on the pitch! This is all Wengers doing, AND if he wants to get paid the big bucks AND have total control of the club (which he virtulally has) then the buck stops with him AS it should do!

  4. Please re-read the post.

    Im not talking about what he has done or what he will do. not talking about any of that.

    I am saying he deserves respect. At no point have i said, he deserves more time because of the past (i may think it but i have no said it).

    You said that is all in the past, well David Seaman played for us then made mistakes in his final season or so, does that mean because it was the past we dont respect him no longer?

    Or Patrick Vieira is now at City, does that mean we forget the past?

    Why is the respect factor different for the most successful manager of Arsenal's history?

    thanks for comments though, as i said in post, i respect all opinions.

  5. Akhil, the main difference between David Seaman, Patrick Viera and Wenger IS Wenger is still here and is the 'Captain of the Ship'!!. If David & Patrick were still here and making an abundance of mistakes then they would AND should be open to criticism!! I just want to clarify something though, criticising Wenger for his failings both past and present in my eyes has nothing to do with Respect! Swearing at him, calling him names etc is disresplect and knowone deserves that!

  6. fair enough, i agree that. the main thing was the name calling and abuse, hence the post.

    Never ever said He or anyone shouldn't be criticised if they make mistakes.

    it was the abuse I had a problem with.

  7. Ok, We are in agreement then :-)

  8. just tried to post this but it didnt so retrying - apologies if it posts twice
    I agree with the respect factor definitely, I dont believe AW has to leave though.
    What all Gooners have to understand and take some time to think about is that the underlying reason for the divide amongst the fan base and dressing room is the prevailing Arsenal philosophy amid the changing football environment.
    The Arsenal philosophy is primarily one of financial prudence and youth development amid an environment of limitless spending on talent. The results are simple - Arsenal purchases young talent at low cost and develops quality players and stars who can compete for trophies and have done so for 14 years consistently.
    However there are other clubs which have deeper pockets or who don't mind splurging or incurring debt and can therefore easily pull these players away. Arsenal sells their players at huge profits, however it presents a constant state of unrest and rebuilding within the Arsenal squad. The result being other teams spending fortunes on bolstering their squads and we go 6 years without a trophy while we occasionally lose to a minnow club which of course breeds impatience and bickering amongst fans and the squad (the media does not help either).
    But I have no problem with this, let me explain why:
    While I would love the team to win trophies and championships I also love the vision and philosophy behind Arsenal, the vision of beautiful football, skill and quality before money, the ability to develop talent that can topple the best teams without having spent tonnes of money or incurring wanton debt to take it from someone else. Last season was a disappointment yes, but all in all it was a very good season! We were league title contenders up til the last leg, we defeated all the big clubs in the league, between December 2010 and Feb 2011 we arguably played the best football in all of Europe! We were in the league cup final and in the FA cup quarter finals (correct me on that if im wrong) and we defeated the best team in the world on the biggest stage in the world (the only team to beat Barca in the CL and came so close to knocking them out, not even Real could do that).
    This season we are once again rebuilding, and have had a frustrating start, but rebuilding and developing responsibly are what Arsenal is all about. This philosophy may seem obsolete compared to the printing pressing petro dollar football clubs and glory hunters who throw money at their deficiencies, but to me sacking AW is a departure from this philosophy which has made Arsenal admirable and consistent competitors as well as a worldwide brand but worst of all it gives into the likes of clubs who have no pride but to spend money to buy the best players in an attempt to win trophies.
    We as Arsenal fans need to think about what we want and what would the sacking of AW really mean for our club. Do we want him removed? or do we want the philosophy changed? Perhaps both, and perhaps Arsenal will go onto win many trophies and win over many new fans, but the possibility remains that they won’t , so then what? We continue firing managers like a certain Italian side in the name of glory? To me and im sure a lot of other fans that is not what Arsenal is all about.

  9. I can't even take it seriously when I hear people saying they want Arsene to go and I tend to agree with most of what Justin said in his comment above.

  10. agree with wanting AW to change rather then a change in manager.

    time will tell on trophies.

    thanks for comments


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