Monday 7 February 2011

If Arsenal Had Won, Would Man Utd Still Have Lost?

I must admit, I do not think so.

I tweeted it on Saturday and got some very interesting replies. I remember when we dropped points earlier in the season and on the same day Manchester United also dropped points. It was put to Mr Wenger if he saw this as a missed opportunity, and he said, it would be ‘worse’ if Man Utd had won.

Logically, if you drop points, and your main competitors gain points, you have really lost out. So if you drop points, you want your competitors to drop points too.

The other question I pose is if Arsenal had won, would Man Utd still have lost? I really think that if Arsenal had won, Man Utd would have too. I think Man Utd may have seen us drop points and without even knowing it, just took their foot off the gas. If we had won, they would have known they needed to win and the pressure may have spurred them on to get the points.

It’s just my theory, but looking at this weekend as a missed opportunity is very easy to do however the team that plays first cannot look at it this way. Manchester Untied may look at it as a missed opportunity as they played second and knew our result but when we played, we did not know the Man Utd result.

In a strange weekend, we ended up gaining a point even though in the 89 minute (or whatever it was) I did not think this would be the case.

Strange how football can turn out but the players must pick themselves up and perhaps the Man Utd result gave them the lift they needed. They now have a week till the next game and maybe getting away from club duties after this result may help the players (many will go and play for their countries) and they will come back (injury free hopefully) for the stronger.

Football hay……Nothing is decided yet…Come on You Arsenal!

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  1. It's too easy to look at the negatives, but it is so true, knowing we dropped points takes their focus off because they have a cushion. I agree that if we would have won they would have also. Great blog.


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