Tuesday 19 April 2011

Spurs Vs Arsenal - Says it all

I must admit, I look forward to these games more then most because of the rivalry between the two teams.

Lets be honest, the gap between Arsenal and Spurs has decreased however, there is still a gap there and I know I want to keep it that way (any Spurs fan reading this will always disagree!)

After that dramatic last 180th minute or whatever it was, the feeling around the place (Emirates) was quite low. For the first time in ages, I was looking for an argument. I was waiting for one person to say something I disagreed with and I would be on their case; No one did. Why didn't they? Because they felt the exact same as me.

The most concerning thing for me was that not many people were surprised we didn't manage to hold a lead with only a minute or so to go. That for me was very worrying. There was no real debate about the penalty nor about the time because we all just saw it coming.

In regards for the summer, some work needs to be done for sure but that is for the summer and not for now.

I tweeted yesterday that 'Title race of No Title race, We MUST always beat Spurs' and I noticed I got many RTs (I don't tend to get many so I was rather surprised). It was obvious to me that everyone (who follows Arsenal) feels we owe Spurs one after the last two defeats in the Premier League and in this particular game, the title race doesn't actually matter.

Off course, winning the game keeps our chance (perhaps slim) of being crowned champions in May but beating Spurs is ever so important to us all. That sense of 'wanting to win' is shared by Spurs too as they are desperate to beat us and that makes the game even more exciting.

People often talk about players that do not understand the history and the effect of beating Spurs but I think in Cesc, Robin and Gael (who have been here a while) we have players who have been around long enough to know what it means to the supporters. I think players like Nasri, Szczesny, Sagna and off course Jack Wilshere (more then anyone) also know what it means to beat Spurs.

I think the twitter world has helped the case too. Players will see tweets from supporters and will gain more of an insight onto how much it means to beat Spurs from an Arsenal supporters point of view.

Beating Spurs is not an option, its a Must and I will never forget how low I felt after the defeat at the Emirates earlier in the season. We must beat Spurs and by doing that we may get some momentum together to finish strongly in the run in.

Some would say its a slim chance, but after the last six weeks, any chance will do me!

As always, Come on you Arsenal! Lets win at the Lane!

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  1. Really good read Akhil, well written and sums up the feelings of many Arsenal supporters!!! United or is it Newcastle) have offered us another go at the title. Hope the boys produce the goods tonight. COME ON YOU REDS!!!!


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