Tuesday 26 April 2011

In Defence Of Arsene Wenger

I find it amazing how many people seem to believe everything that Arsene Wenger says in his interviews and press conferences.

‘Second is a success’ was a quote greeted by much anger from a lot of Arsenal fans and I just did not understand it. For Arsene Wenger to say second is a success WOULD be amazing IF he meant it.

Does Arsene Wenger really look like a man who thinks second is good enough? He has been more agitated then ever recently and that is not because he wants to fight for second place but because he really wants first place. In the press conference after the Bolton game, he was asked if this season has been unsatisfactory and he agreed.

Arsene Wenger has ALWAYS protected his players and takes any blame of failure up on himself. By saying second is success is more about protecting the players and trying to remove some pressure.

Another quote that came through was about Arsene Wenger not spending this summer. If you actually saw the press conference, Arsene Wenger said a few things. He did say he will not splash the cash but then hinted that there is money there for a big transfer. Personally, I wouldn’t want to splash the cash but buy the right players because I think we all agree we need about three players to complete this squad.

I have been to a few press conferences recently and every manager I have seen has lied in their press conference for various reasons. Avram Grant said Scott Parker was facing a late fitness test but another West Ham player came out and let slip 20 minutes later that Scott Parker was out. There was an example from the Harry Redknapp press conference too. It happens all the time and I get amazed at how literally people take things.

Didn’t Arsene Wenger say Andrey Arshavin will not be coming to Arsenal but then turned up two weeks later?

Speaking to a few people yesterday, I got the feeling people think we have a divine right to win things… We do not.

Under Arsene Wenger, we got used to winning things. We perhaps even took it for granted but we do not have that right to win things. Before the title win in 1989, we last won the league in 1971. We won the FA CUP and the Littlewoods Cup in-between however; it was not exactly trophies galore.

The end of the George Graham days were not the best either but when Arsene Wenger came, joining the club in 1996 Arsenal had finished in 5th place in 1995-1996 Season. Arsene Wenger joined the club in September 1996 so did not get a full season or a summer or a pre-season. In Arsene Wenger’s first full season, he won the double, then came a whisker away from winning the league on the last day in the 98-99 Season and won the double again in 01-02. He then won the FA Cup in 2003 and went through the whole season unbeaten and won the league in 03-04. He then added the FA Cup in 2005 and took us to our first ever Champions League final in 2006.

That period was special, very special and I do not blame people for getting used to it but it doesn’t mean it will always be like that. For that period alone, I feel Arsene Wenger deserves more time.

I would never want Arsene Wenger to change his philosophy because I love the way we play football but I would love him to add just that bit of experience which will help us get over the line. The last seven-eight games are always the toughest because that is when the pressure is really on. The first 15 or even 20 games are slightly easier because the pressure is less. That bit of experience and leadership may be the difference in the last seven of eight games.

I do not want to go into who I would sell or buy because that is probably best left till the summer but the one name I have mentioned for a while is Scott Parker. I want Parker even more now if Wilshere goes to the under 21s tournament this summer. If Wilshere plays, then he will not have a full pre-season then play the season for Arsenal then play the Euro’s with England then again play another full season for Arsenal. That seems like a lot of football for such a young man. That is why I think a player like Parker will just take the pressure of Wilshere because of the amount of football he will be playing in the next two years. Parker would also provide some proper cover in defensive midfield and add that leadership and experience.

I am sure everyone has their own opinions but these are just mine. I could be talking out my arse and everything I have said could be wrong but that is what I think.

I am firmly in the Arsene Wenger fan club but I think even he knows he may have to change a few things. He has kept faith with so many of these players and perhaps that faith may just have been lost a little.

Arsene Wenger said blame him because he picks the players however, surely the players have to take some blame too? After all, football is a team sport.

Have a good week and see some of you Sunday in the Tollington or inside the ground.

Come on you Arsenal.


  1. can you please just give me one reason why we cant win not even one trophy for the last six years?there are 4 fucking trophies buddy but not even one!!!But if you think not winning trophies is not a priority then tell me the difference now between us and the stupid big mouthed Hot Spurs?

  2. I think the reason arsene is getting abuse is purely due to the fact our problems are so longstanding and not too difficult to rectify! Set pieces, they have been a problem even when we were winning trophies! Experience again is not a new problem! With the position we were in in January and like he said with the easiest run in we have had for years, not to strengthen the squad for me was unforgivable! I am an arsene fan also but I believe he as much as the players has blown this season for us!

  3. Godfrey, if i could answer the question, id be elsewhere! I really dont know mate. The Carling Cup is something i still fail to understand. But this piece is purely on the manager, im not sure what more he could do in the Carling Cup final. he played his strongest team avaiable but we still lost. Not sure what happened there. A dark day! I dont think not winning trophies is a priority but i just think we, me included took it for granted a bit when we were winning loads.

    Ano, I agree with you. even though i love the man, he has made mistakes and not strengthening in jan was one. I cant disagree there.

    and whos to blame...that was my point....Its a collective effort so the manager and players have blown it. not just one without the other.

    thanks for comments guys.

  4. He ‘s a top top manager who has taken Arsenal to the very top. I know he’s look a bit jaded on the sidelines and has become kind of hopeless but if he’s really a great manager(which I think he is), then you can surely expect him to come stronger from this slump.
    Also, he’s admitted that he’ll strengthen the squad where it is required to. He also has openly criticized his defence which he never has done earlier. This shows he’s learnt from his mistakes and I do expect Arsenal to beat United next Sunday. I know the title is completely gone(by completely gone I mean no chance whatever might happen) but it’ll do the confidence of players a world of good.I think he needs some players but more importantly needs to ask his players to work harder like Barcelona. People say that our football is brilliant. But I’ll tell you what’s brilliant. Yes, possession football is brilliant but along with it is clinical finishing. So is a defender putting his body on the line. If all this is done, then we’ll become a title winning team. Not now.
    This man breathes Arsenal and loves it more than any of the Arsenal fans. I know there’s no place of sentiments in football but who do you think will replace him. And do you think that no top club would want him.The thing is, Arsenal have a youth policy which cannot be forgotten. Someone like Mourinho would just not care about the Wilshere’s, the Ramsey’s and co. That means the whole of 5 years wasted. Wenger would surely figure out what’s wrong and if he cannot cope with the pressure, I think he’ll leave by himself.Yeah I know about him respecting his contract but I know that he’ll leave for Arsenal’s future. I again mention, Arsene loves Arsenal FC and given it more than anyone could ever do.
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  5. KaedynsWorld

    Great post, your spot on with it.

    I have noticed from Wenger recently from games and press conferences that he has finally realised that he has been wrong. Some people will go on and say that he should have realised earlier and bought in experienced players. I AM NOT ONE OF THESE PEOPLE.

    Wenger’s philosophy has been great, promote youth and play fluid passing football. If he had bought experienced players a few years back, what would have happened to players such as Wiltshire, Ramsey, Miyachi , JET, Walcott, Szczesny and maybe even Cesc ( a few years back when people were saying Vieria should be replaced and Cesc is not strong enough). These players have potential and are showing great signs, these players are Arsenals future. Wenger saw this and knows this and has proven to us that this is the way forward.
    So why now, why does he think he has been wrong..... Well I think he knows that he relied on his young players too much and knows that some players are not ready to be in a first team trophy winning squad. THIS IS GREAT NEWS!! He now knows what has to be done. He knows that Song is great player but needs an experienced head to learn from maybe. He knows our CB’s lack communication, they are talented but without the right leader they won’t get better. Is Cahill our answer, I don’t think so, I think we need a new CB maybe Sahko – not a leader yet, but he is not shy to speak his mind, always talking to his defending partner. I maybe all wrong, but it’s something we need to concentrate on, I do not think we need any more attacking players, 2 players maybe 3 is all we need.

    Wenger is only human, he has got something wrong, I have got things wrong in the past, you have done so to, but we all learn, and I believe Wenger is the right man to correct it. Long Live Wenger and Arsenal.

  6. Excellent blog Akhil.

    It's easy to blame Arsene for us not winning anything for six years. It's the board that should take a large chunk of the abuse Arsene is getting. They simply haven't supplied the funds Arsene needs to bring in top quality players. The board certainly don't help Arsene by announcing he had £40m to spend a day after the transfer window shuts. Supporters are not stupid, we know there wasn't that money available so why put AW in that position? The board should be on their hands and knees thanking The Good Lord that Wenger is at the club and providing Champions League football on a shoe-string budget rather than putting him in the firing line.

    Another reason for the lack of success is David Dein not being at the club. If Dein was still on the board and AW wanted a centre-back, Dein would help get him a centre back. I'd love to see Wenger bring in a new right-hand man. Patrick Vieira or Tony Adams would be my ideal choice. Alex Ferguson has been successful over the years having different assistants, with different ideas and opinions. It's time we did the same.

    I dread the day Arsene decides to say 'au revoir' to Arsenal. The people calling for his head should be very careful what they wish for.


  7. Great post. Thank you.


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