Monday 25 October 2010

Na Na Na Na Nasri, Sammy Nasri !

My day at the City of Manchester stadium started with me stepping out of our car and being called a rude word which starts with a W! A near by police officer asked me to just ignore it and I told him how ‘I am an Arsenal fan and we have more class and therefore I will not get sucked into insults like that’ and then just smiled at the city fan and found it all quite funny.

Entering the ground and I was greeted by many Arsenal fans singing and throwing beer and coke (cola, in case you are wondering!) around and just generally enjoying the day.

In terms of the game, the sending off perhaps helped us, but we cannot control what the other team do. We did not force him to make the tackle and therefore we can only do what we can do and in this occasion it was to play against ten men. We played well overall and apart from launching into a few tackles early on, we were solid all over the pitch.

The Sammy Nasri chant is still ringing around in my ears and he is on fire right now. Missing the world cup clearly focused him and he has come back on another level. He had an outstanding pre-season and is carrying on that form now in the League and the Cup competitions. He can only get better, his vision, his passing ability and finishing is improving in every game. He is such an important part of the team at the moment and I am so excited to see him develop further.

Sammy Nasri is certainly an away fans favourite at the moment and many of the home fans have not heard his new song yet. If your one of them, some fans have uploaded their clips from the City and Spurs game on YouTube and you can clearly hear the song being sung.

A word for Fabianski too, he was outstanding at Eastlands. He produced, in my opinion a world class save to keep out David Silva in the second half and produce two other very good saves and one other but even though it was offside, it was a quality save as he did not know the game had stopped at the time. He came for crosses and long balls and collected them cleanly. He will carry on in goal for us, even if Almunia is back.

The result in general should give us a massive boast. To win away from home against a team who will be competing for the title will give every member of the squad some confidence and now its time for this team to push on.

The Carling Cup is the first chance for silverware this season so the game on Wednesday night is massive. Mr Wenger said in his post match interview that he will play a strong team on Wednesday night so there’s every chance we can get a positive result and kick on further.

Come on you Arsenal!


  1. Completely agree regarding Nasri & Fabianski. The best thing is I dont think this is the best we've seen from them yet. Exciting times.
    I've been thinking recently about Nasri, do you think he knows how valuable he is to the team? Yesterday the commentator said that Nasri is starting to come out of Fabregas' shadow, and it just got me thinking. And I think nearly everyone including Fab expected Nasri to be MoM yesterday and he wasn't. I know probably all us fans share the same view of him that he's invaluable and we know how great he is, but I just feel he doesn't get the praise he deserves and getting MoM yesterday I think would've been really good for him. He missed out on the W/C and that's got to affect his confidence in some way. He's played consistently all season but has kinda gone unnoticed with the spotlight on the emergence of Wilshere (and rightly so) but I just hope he knows he's on the right track to becoming a real Arsenal Legend.
    What do you think?

  2. Yeah i agree with you mate. Sammy Nasri has only now started to see how good he is. He always knew he was a good player but now listening to Mr Wenger and the fans, he sees how important he is to the team. He can only get better, his only 23 now and is a complete player but his peak will be in a year or so.

    Not going to the world cup motivated him more, he knows his young and was willing to work hard and he has.

    Nasri can be a legend here, he will be on that similier size of Pires in my opinion. This can be Nasri's season.

    thanks for your comments

  3. Nasri has been the best player in PL so far this season, and will only get better

  4. Well written Akhil... May be you can add a post about the carling cup kids too...

  5. Nasri has been class this year! along with Malouda, i think they have been the stand out players, Nasri missed a few games though so hard to say his been the best PL player but is certainly up there!

    Justin, i will try.


  6. Na na na na na Samir Nasri, Nasri Samir Nas-a-riii!! What a great chant! The return of the oustanding attacking midfielders for Arsenal ala Ljungberg, Pires, et al.

  7. haha yeah! i agree RuffNeckc! what a chant!!!! NASRI NASRI.........SAMMMMMYYYYYYY NASRI! na na na na na nasri...........sammy NASRIIIIII

  8. Yeah Sammy is rapidly becoming a fans favourite! I first heard the chant At Anfield on the opening day of the season, then at 3 point Lane and has been steadily catching on. Brilliant chant, hopefully we may even hear it at the Emirates soon.

  9. yea, i didnt hear it at anfield if im honest,not sure what i listening out for!

    Certainly an away chant though


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