Thursday 28 October 2010

Confidence and Support is a massive aspect of Football

Last year I heard people say Fabianski and Bendtner are not good enough for Arsenal and Walcott should be sold and ‘who’ is Szczesny?

First I will tackle the goalkeeping issue. I know a decision cannot be made on a keeper after just a few games let alone just one but Fabianski has proved that he is a better keeper then everyone thought he was. He flapped often and made mistakes in nearly every game he played yet Mr Wenger has always remained confident in Fabianski and continuously said that the Fabianski in training is one we are yet to see. Since the WBA game, Fabianski has played in every game (apart from the Carling Cup) and has played well. I went into the issue of Fabianski in my previous post but I am using him as an example of someone who was not always supported but is trying to turn it around and is playing quite well of late.

The goal keeping situation was the most debated subject during the summer and some fans wanted a keeper that was ready and some wanted a short term fix with Szczesny being the long term number one. Szczesny looked solid against Newcastle. He came for crosses and long balls and caught them well. He punched well and got good distance on them, something past keepers have not have done consistently. He stood tall and seemed like a presence in goal and made some good saves. The potential was certainly there and I will be VERY upset if we lose him next summer as his contract is up. If he is this good at the age of 20, imagine how good he can be at the age of 25!

Theo Walcott is another player that people were getting frustrated with last season. Theo has always got support from fans however; the minority of fans were questioning his development and were questioning whether he will be the player we want him to be. He was left out the England World Cup squad for whatever reason but he has worked hard, kept fit and come back firing this season. He already has six goals and that’s despite being out injured for six weeks. Theo has frightened defenders with his pace and has developed his game this season and added goals. He can only get better and I for one am so pleased he has proved some doubters wrong this season with his fantastic performances.

Finally, we come to Niko Bendtner. A man you either love or you hate. Even today, before his goal, some people tried to explain to me why he is not good enough for Arsenal, however, I disagree. Last season, if it was not for Bendtner, we may not be playing in the Champions league. The song about ‘Thursday night, channel five’ which we were singing at Man City fans may have been sung at us! The winner in the last minute against Wolves and Hull were vital, the goal at Stoke got us back in the game which we went on to win and he scored in many other games. He even gave us hope at in Barcelona for a minute or two at least! When you play only one striker, you still need a total of three strikers but not all three are going to be the same. In Van Persie, Chamakh and Bendtner, we have three very different strikers. Chamakh and Bendtner are more similar but do differ slightly on the pitch. If you look at our third choice striker, if all three are fit (who you would assume is Bendtner at the moment) compared to others then you see how valuable he is. He scored more goals then most third choice strikers last season and you will never get a 30 goal striker as third choice because that striker will simply want to leave. I am not saying Bendtner will be a 30 goal a season striker but to win competitions, you need a squad and Bendtner is very much apart of that. Saying that, I believe Bendtner has the quality to be a 30 goal a season striker and be first choice if he works hard but at the moment he is still an asset to this club and I firmly believe that he will get better and better and give Chamakh and Van Persie a run for their money for game time.

Once again, I stress, these are just my opinions. I am one to always support who ever plays and the whole squad certainly have my backing and also my faith and confidence in them as a whole.

This has been a great week and we want it to carry on further on Saturday.

Come on you Arsenal!


  1. Great read once again. I totally agree with you on Bendtner. He is a very valuable part of our team and has helped us a lot in the last season and made a good impression on me since he came back.
    About Walcott I found that actually a lot of people where doubting him. I also got a little bit frustrated with him because it seemed to me that he had so much to show which he held back. And now I'm really proud that he stepped up and is having a great run.

  2. NB52 looks very impressive, I know this might sound crazy but by the end of this year he will get ahead of MC29, NB is a much better finisher and again looks to have added the ability to score great goals...I am not saying MC29 is not good enough by the way. NB52 has to work a bit more on holding up the ball and first touch and if he gets those two right he could turn out to be our best CF..I show somewhere last night that he has scored 11 goals in his last 16 games..I had my doubts about him at the start of last season but he has won me over that for sure

  3. I totally agree..Thats the reason Bendtner also got his name Big Game Playa..
    Walcott can never be under estimated he teroorized Barcelona..
    However the way our Goal Keeping Situation has changed in a month is we have every chances of winning many Silverwares this season.

  4. Thanks for all your comments.

    Ari, thank you firstly. NB has looked very good since he came back from injury earlier this year. He looked good last night and against city on sunday. His goals last season were vital. Theo too, i love him, he will be a great player for club and country.

    Dilshan, big call to say he will be ahead of chamakh, its certainly a shout, He has to hold the ball up ALOT better because Chamakh is great at it. Chamakh works very hard too.Im just glad we have them both.

    VikramGooner, Yeah theo did barca when he came on, they couldnt handle him! The keeping thing does look positive now, its by no means done, but it looks better then it did after the WBA game.

    thanks again all

  5. I know he has to work hard, but the ability to hold the ball up is not beyond him, he has the needed attributes..When he kept saying about wanting to be the best CF in PL lot of people said he was being arrogant/cocky etc but for me it shows his ambition and focus which is great..and I am sure if he stays fit he will work on all those and compare the ages with MC29 he has time on his side, they will never be the same type of players, but NB 52 will become a diff sort of CF and was impressed by his movement yesterday, coming deep to let theo run in behind etc..I have stuck my neck out so NB52 dont let me down

  6. Good blog Akhil!

    I always said Fabianski was a better bet than Almunia, as he has way better fundamentals (positioning, decision making, etc) even if he did have a long confidence blip. Last night though Szczesny showed what those of us who've watched him in the reserves regularly know - he's already got the skill and ability of a top goalkeeper. I say make Fabianski No.1 and Szczesny No.2, with Big Al going in the January window and Don Vito staying out on loan.

  7. Agree with pretty much everything you've said. keep up the good work.

  8. As long as we keep our head down, chip away and concentrate, I think Come January we will be top of the EPL table. We need to play Chelsea and Man like now as we have the squad. This season is looking rosy after all...

  9. thanks for comments again.
    Dilshan, we will see what happens, but for me im happy we have them both. Id rotate and choose who i want to play depending on who we are playing.

    Reznuk, i agree, fabianski no 1 and szch no 2. I love almunia has a man, ive met him a few times and his always been very nice and loyal to our club and fans. He loves the club but it might be time up for him with the other 2 coming up and performing. Fabianski was a confidence issue, that Partizang game may have been the making of him.

    Steve, yea i hope we do. We must win them big games and if we do, anything can happen.

    thanks Dark Theory.

  10. Another great post mate, Fabianski has made some shocking errors of judgement in his time let's be honest! But I feel your right about giving him time to grow and gain experience as an arsenal player. I feel the issue with walcott is weather or not he can stay fit not the quality of his game, speed and quality are there but are fragility and vulnerability also qualities? And Bentner I no you like him and he does a job, I feel another player who is growing but we see him waste so many gilt-edge chances, maybe he's bought some shooting boots I hope so!

  11. There were fans last season complaining about Theo. "He isn't good enough" etc but those fans seem to forget that Theo is behind in his development thanks to the injures he has suffered since arriving at the club. Being dropped from the World Cup squad was the best thing that could have happened to Theo and Arsenal are now reaping the benefits. He has had a great start to the season. His finishing reminded me of a certain number 14 from years gone by...

    Nicky Bendnter is a player that does get unnecessary stick. When he came on as sub against Birmingham, some tosser about three rows behind me was booing! I wonder what he reaction was when Bendnter scored against City and Newcastle. The only way Super Nick is going to shut the neanderthals up is by scoring goals and, as long as he stays injury-free, I beleive he will get on the scoresheet more times this season then any other so far.

  12. Chris A, yes i will admit fabianski has made some howlers! but sometimes it happens, for a keeper alot is about confidence, you start of badly, its hard to get back on track. you feel every time you touch the ball, something is going to happen.

    Chris A and StevieGooner (remember that line, will make sense later!) but with theo, it is injuries that have screwed him over. I think he has developed still, but maybe not as much as we would have hoped because he hasnt played. Not going to WC helped but what did damage was last summer when he played for the U21s and seniors, that was too much and that cant happen to Wilshere. Very unfair!!

    Bendtner will come good! yea he misses chances but thats apart of football, he still puts many away, more he plays and more he stays fit, the more he will score, i am sure of that. 2 goals already in what was pratically 1 game (played around 85 mins at newcastle and what around 7-8 at city?) so his started well....

  13. Its really good to see how the whole team is showing such confidence mainly after last few games..I support Wenger for taking Carling Cup seriously this season last year we just threw it against ManCity..I Strongly believe we can beat Chelsea,ManU and ManCity at home

  14. Yeah its about keeping the run going. Playing kids and losing last night would have upset the rythem. Man Utd away on dec 13th seems like a huge game, we can win really will send a message out! then bring on chelsea at home!

  15. The feel good factor is back again! Make no mistake, injuries have ruined the last 3 league challenges and cost us the title in 08-09. With a fully fit squad or near fully fit, we can sustain our challenge for longer. When we smash teams again and again, they will fear us and then we can beat teams in tunnel like before! :D

  16. The Team are really playing well now they dont look soft touch any more,We are playing more Barcalona .Jack is looking like Xavi and Cesc is like our lniesta.Sammy is brilliant Thomas Rosicky is on fire back to his best .Kosiecy is playing out of his skin.Cesc is getting back to his best really fill we are going to win something this Season !!!!!!!!!

  17. Feel good factor may certainly be back! needs to stay though!!

    Diane, nice rallying call! love it! come on arsenal!

  18. Akhil, you in the Tolly tomorrow?

  19. I am fella.

    If you are, do approach me, you seen what i look like but i havent seen you, so dont feel embrassed or anything, approach me and sing with me!!

  20. Will do mate, first round's on me!


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