Thursday 21 October 2010

Mr Wenger says Vermaelen injury is now 'long term'

Arsenal have been hit by a massive blow that Thomas Vermaelen will remain on the sidelines for a while longer. Mr Wenger was speaking at Arsenal's annual AGM today and also added he does not know when Thomas will return.

This for all of us, is very worrying. We all know that at times our estimates for injuries are not quite accurate but here we do not have even a possible date, not even a rough one, and that shows this injury is a bad one. No one will forget how Thomas Rosicky's injury was 'short term' and was said to be out for two weeks which turned into 18 months.

We hope Thomas will return soon but i cannot see it being in the next month or so at least. Vermaelen who had a great first season will be missed greatly as he was seen to be the Senior head at the back and is even seen by many (including me) as a future Arsenal captain.

My thoughts are with him and I hope he can return as soon as possible.


  1. Dammit! Not good news. Im gutted! :(

  2. it is bit of a concern I know, the injuries we seem to pick tend to take forever to recover,..JD looked good midweek so hopefully he will continue to improve and have kos back asap

  3. Nice one mate, glad to see you on your own two feet!
    Sorry to say you should sort out spelling and grammar though B.

  4. dilshan, JD did look good, but when he comes up against a big team, we will see what his made off. He did well though.

    Ano, im sure it will improve over time. Often i publish posts through my phone if the info is fresh to me (often from games and media events) so errors occur, will try though! thanks for comment.

  5. Now Mr Wenger has said it could be only three weeks! strange stuff!

  6. Gutted about Verm's injury, he's a big loss. On a different note though, I've just heard the Spuds have released a DVD entitled: "Second half at the San Siro".


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