Tuesday 26 October 2010

Newcastle Away In The Carling Cup...

Newcastle Away in the Carling Cup = Massive

Well, who would have thought it, a game in the Carling Cup is being talked about as one of the more important games of the week. Some have even told me they think this game is bigger then the game on Sunday in Manchester. I don’t quite agree that’s its more important but can accept that it’s just as important.

The Carling Cup has been used for developing our younger players and giving them the needed experience so they can go on to play for the first team. Thierry Henry, Cesc Fabregas, Gael Clichy and Alex Song are just a few players that started in the Carling Cup and went on to be regulars in the first team. The policy in the Carling Cup may not have won us a trophy but it has won us success in terms of getting younger players to fulfil their potential and play in the first team.

On the other hand, Jose’s Chelsea won the Carling Cup in his first season and that set the platform for further success. The same could be said about this team. If they did win the Carling Cup, it could give them that much talked about ‘winning feeling’.

I do not tend to do this often but here is the team I think Mr Wenger will play:

Szczesny, Eboue, Koscielny, Djourou, Gibbs, Denilson, Rosicky, Lansbury, Vela, Walcott and Bendtner.

The Central midfield may need looking at but I think Lansbury deserves a game after such a good performance at the lane and with Walcott back and needing games, it may mean Lansbury plays in a different position then he did in the last round. I want to see Jay Emmanuel Thomas more too and have been told by youth team experts that he is a very good player and will be unlucky if he does not feature.

It could be a big game for Szczesny as he has been requesting game time and here he may have it. With Fabianski playing really well and being odds on to carry on as number 1, Szczesny will surely get his chance on Wednesday night.

Let’s get behind the team and get a positive result!

Feel free to comment and tell me your predictions for the starting line up.

Come on you Arsenal



  1. Pleased we look to be giving importance to the CC. This team needs to win something and we have a great opportunity here.

  2. Yup, with so many big boys out, this is a huge chance.

  3. Man I can't wait to see what Szczesny can do! All this hype about him being our best keeper already this past year as me on edge, to see him in Arsenal colors.

    The squad now looks deep enough to handle these games. Let's keep the winning momentum now!

  4. Yeah i agree, BUT with all the hype, Mr Wenger has done the right thing in holding him back, imagine if he has a bad game, people will jump on him, so this seems a good game for him to play in. Hope he does well.

    The momentum is key, that is how the unbeaten season started, and thats how titles and cups are won!

    thanks for comments

  5. Since im danish i just can`t wait to see Bendtner getting a start again.

    Thx for a good website btw :D

  6. Nordveit is being bigged up... Might he force Djourou, or Eboue into the bench. Must win This one. Hope we get ManU in the next round...

  7. Utd also won the carling cup before going on to win their recent silverware

  8. Ano Danish fan, i cant wait either! im a big fan of Niko Bendtner, always have been, if it wernt for him, we may not be in the champions league this season. I really beleive that.

    Yeah Steve, Nord is pushing but because it is a big game for us, not sure if Mr Wenger will risk him from the start, but if his fit and ready, then why not?

    RSD, yup exactly utd won it last season too so still had some sort of silverware

    Come on the Arsenal1

  9. Great chance and a realy strong team but would have liked to see Nasri in the team!


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