Friday 14 January 2011

Three points please!

Firstly, sorry for the lack of posts, had a lot on the last week or so. Been covering some of the Masters Snooker for another site too live from Wembley, which has been good, but not quite the Arsenal though!

I am going to avoid talking too much about the cup games but i do have a theory. The desire in the cup games has not matched the desire in the league games. The team that played against Leeds and Ipswich were more then good enough to win but just did not turn up with the sort of performance we expect.

The players that played in the two games are mostly first team squad members but not first choice players; so you would expect these players to want to take their chance to push to get into the first choice 11. That just didn't happen.

Sometimes, I feel that the players have a mind set that they know they have another game to make up for the result before. So for example, when we went to Shakhtar, we knew we had the Braga game after even though then we managed to mess up both and the next thing you know, we are playing Barcelona! The same happened in the Leeds game, we knew we had the back up of a replay and therefore did not win the original tie. With Ipswich it was the same, we knew we had the second home leg to make up for the first leg.

I am not sure if this is a mental issue or what. I really cannot explain why we looked so flat in the past two games.

The theory is most probably total rubbish but I do think we will see the real Arsenal in most league games. We have had some wake up calls earlier in the season and we know we are not in a position to drop points with Man Utd clear at the top of the league.

West ham have been struggling this season but their last five or six games have not been too bad, take away their 5-0 loss at Newcastle and their form is not as bad as people make out. So we cannot be taking this game lightly.

We must win and keep the pressure on. Its vital we win as Man Utd go to Spurs on Sunday and the only way to put pressure on is to win.

Come on you Arsenal !


  1. Kind of agree with the theory but the fact we aint won nothing for a while you would think they would show a bit more desire!

  2. cheers, I'm not even sure if i believe the theory, but its a theory!

    Yea and players who are not first choice need to take their chances in the cups to put a plea for the first team. The squad players like Bentdner, Denilson, Eboue etc just didnt.

    thanks for comment

  3. Its the whole squad not just the fringe players, we beat Chelsea in the league go to Wigan and draw beat Bham then draw to City (although they just sat there for 90 mins) our players lack the mentality you need to grind out results when your not playing well.

    When we play against teams who are good defensively and compact that just sit there we only have one know one way of playing thats through them. Can't adapt our tactics or change our style of play when things aren't going for us, and when we can't break them down. Worse problem is our lack of communication,organisation and leadership in defense, especially from set pieces and doesent help only like 1 of our players in the starting 11 is over 6 foot,Djourou. Can argue 2 if Chamakh is starting but doubt it if RVP plays, and in PL the ball spends so much time in the air you need height and strength when playing your Stoke's ect

    LOL thought id leave a short messege this time give you a chance to reply

  4. Yeah but the players that played at wigan where squad players more then first team players.

    We do struggle when teams are good defensively. we must learn to adapt. We didnt even try and put crosses in to Bentdner which is his strength really.

    We are a small team, think diaby adds to the height aspect when fit too. and Song and verm may not be the tallest but have a good leap.

    Certainly do lack the mentality when things are not going our way.

    I do think theres a difference between us in league games and us in cup you agree?


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