Saturday 6 November 2010

One’s Private Life Should Remain Private.

We all have aspects of our life that we like to deal with privately and none of us would want to talk about our private life in public.

Mr Wenger is a man of class; he will never speak publically about his private life and that is how it should be.

What happens in one’s private life should not be off any concern of anyone else. As supporters of our club and the Gaffer, we can only keep supporting the club and players and off course the manager.

I doubt we will ever know more about these allegations because Mr Wenger will not comment, even if it’s just to deny it. That’s the way it should be done, no one wants their private life slapped all over the newspapers.

We live in a world where celebrities can get injunctions which can stop the press from printing stories and we know how certain players love to get them! In this case, there seems to be no injunction or no real effort made to block the story, so make your own mind up.

Despite everything in the Sun, I wouldn’t want to judge before knowing the full truth and as we may never know, I will concentrate on supporting the team on the pitch.

Mr Wenger has been here over a decade and is idolised by most Arsenal fans and certainly by me. Let’s leave his private life to him now.

The only fear I have is if the pressure get’s too much for him or for his family, it could tempt him to walk away. Having practically followed everything Mr Wenger has done and said in his time here, he is always quick to take the spot light away from his family. Being present in press conferences with him and having met him a few times, he does seem a family man and keep’s his family out of his professional life. If questions are asked of his family and the pressure on them increases, then could this tempt him to perhaps move on? I do not know the answer but this is a small fear I have and I am sure many of you have too.

Whatever happens happens, but Mr Wenger has my backing and support because he is simply one of the best managers to have ever managed in world football.

Let’s get behind the team because end of the day, three points against Newcastle is important and we must not let any distractions affect the club.

For me, that is the end of the matter and will try not to comment on it.

Anyone going on Sunday should get behind the team and manager as normal, I certainly will.

Come on you Arsenal!

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  1. wots on the sun, Akhil...i refuse to read that garbage newspaper


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