Wednesday 29 December 2010

Not A Bad Way To End The Year At The Emirates!

That was sweet wasn’t it? For me, what made it more sweet was that even the most positive and optimistic Arsenal fans including myself were not at all confident. We all thought ‘here we go again, Drogba is back, Lampard and Essien are back, so that means a Chelsea win’ however, we were wrong. I’ll gladly be wrong as long as we get the right result.

This was the FIRST time we have beaten Chelsea with Drogba playing and Mr Wenger said before the game that if we can stop Drogba, we can stop Chelsea and he was right.

The atmosphere was electric and we sang our hearts out. I think a big night was much needed and a big result at home was also much needed. People talk about the mental issue of not winning the big games because Chelsea and Manchester United are not miles better then us (some argue they are not better then us and we are on par even) and its more in our heads why we do not beat these two teams. I am not sure how much of a mental issue it was or who has the better team and squad but the longer it went on, the worse it would get. So to break it was vital and could prove very important.

I rang the Fans Forum on Thursday and told our very own Tom Watt and John Cross (you can follow him on twitter @johncrossmirror) that if Robin Van Persie starts then we will get the first goal and therefore win. Some would say maybe I fluked the prediction but it was true! Not that I am going on about it!

But now the focus switches to Wigan. That’s a huge game, get maximum points here and then beating Chelsea will seem even bigger.

A great way to end the year at the Emirates and the next game at the Emirates will be Manchester City at home which again is a massive game as they are joint top of the league.

Lets go to Wigan and win then go to St Andrews and win and 2011 may just be a great year!

Come on you Arsenal!

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