Monday 13 December 2010

Old Trafford...Manchester United....Come On!

What a game that awaits us! No preview or prediction here, just a way for me to get the hype out of my system.

Being in the middle of many deadlines along with Xmas and NYE promotional stuff in nightclubs, the trip to Old Trafford has been my motivation. Losing my voice in the last week hasn’t helped either but I am back and thankfully so is football.

Someone told me the tension in X-Factor was just like football….er no! Football is what it’s really all about and Manchester United Vs Arsenal is the real deal. Since Mr Wenger has come to England, Manchester United Vs Arsenal has been the game to be at or watch. Yes, Chelsea have won titles after spending some money and now City are a threat after spending even more money but for me, Manchester United Vs Arsenal is what it is all about.

As a football fan, I can only respect what Sir Alex Ferguson has done but to beat him and his team gives me such a great feeling and I believe we can win!

Reasons why I think this?

We have the most in form player in the league in Sammy Nasri. Nani has had a good season but id put Nasri just ahead. Sammy Nasri has been on another level in the last 6 weeks and I love it! I love him! Go on Sammy!

Our away record is the best in the league; we have only lost once on our travels and have already recorded a great win in Manchester.

We have a striker who in the big games can put himself about a bit (we had Arshavin up front last season at home against United!) In Chamakh and Van Persie, we have it all covered!

We are Arsenal football club! Yes, we may not have beaten the two other championship contenders for a season or two however, we know we can. The belief is there, we can beat Manchester United!

Anyone making the trip up there tomorrow, ill see you on the M6, the away section will be rocking as usual and lets come home with three points.

Come on you Arsenal!!!!


  1. united fans will be singing sit down shut up and will kick seven shades of shit outa ya

  2. im sure they(or you, if your going) will, but shame it will be us standing up and you sitting down! i act think utd play football so hoping for a good game. not sure if your a utd fan or just someone who thinks utd will win but id give them more credit then that.

  3. Szczesny will play tonight !! here's the story (Polish press)


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